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Insider's Tip by Pat Huffman

Dry Yeast – Simple, effective, makes great beer!

When I started brewing there were maybe 2-4 strains of dry yeast available and because they were in the beginner kits I assumed dry was just for beginners.

Now there are a bunch of different dry strains and you can brew a lot of different styles with dry yeast. IPA’s, English Bitters, Abbey Ales, Belgian Saisons, Bavarian Lagers, Cask Ales, and on and on.

Being the lazy brewer I am, I like dry because it is simple but also being a finicky brewer I do not want to sacrifice the quality of my beer. Today’s dry yeast strains are very high quality and they make great beer!

If you are making a 5 gallon Ale with a 1.060 gravity or lower, 1 packet of properly rehydrated yeast will get the job done. If you are brewing a high gravity beer you will want to up it to 2-3 packets depending on how big the beer is.

For 5 gallon 1.060 or lower Lagers, I pitch 2 packets of properly rehydrated dry yeast. So much easier than making a 1 gallon starter. If you brew a bigger lager add another packet or two.

Proper Rehydration is simple. Take about 8 oz of warm water, approximately 105-110 degrees and pitch the dry yeast. Cover with sanitized tin foil and let is sit at room temperature for around 30 minutes and pitch into your well aerated wort. The yeast mixture will get foamy and thick. You may need to stir it a little bit before you pitch.

Does this mean you will never use liquid again? Absolutely not because there are so many fantastic liquid strains, but when simple and easy is required but you don’t want to sacrifice quality, dry yeast gets it done!

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  • Ty

    Hey Pat.
    I know US-05 says you don’t have to rehydrate their yeast before pitching, but do you do it anyways?

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