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Kveik Ancient Norwegian Farmhouse Yeast

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Kveik, pronounced (kwike) means yeast in some Norwegian dialects. Kveik is a type of yeast used by Norwegian farmhouse brewers and passed down for centuries. It only recently made it to the U.S. and it has garnered a lot of attention with commercial and homebrewers alike. The reason for this is Kveik has numerous benefits, unlike anything American brewers have seen. 

Here are some of the differences in Kveik Yeast:

  • Huge temperature range. 60° - 104° F This is not a typo. You will get a great fermentation at virtually any temperature with no phenols or off flavors. This is great for brewers that have no temperature control. 
  • High Alcohol Tolerance 13 - 16%.
  • Short lag times. Some reported seeing visual signs of fermentation in 30 minutes but normal is 2 - 4 hours. 
  • Fast Fermentations. 24 - 72 hours, and with no off flavors or conditioning time. Plus it is highly flocculent and will drop clear. The yeast will drop so well that if you want to bottle condition you will need to add more yeast at bottling. 
  • Kveik can be harvested and dried and stored frozen for up to 20 years.
  • Lower pitch rates than traditional brewers yeast. No need for starters.  

Kveik is a strong attenuator. 75-85% attenuation is expected.

Many brewers say they have never seen a yeast as flocculent as Kveik. 

Kveik is a type of yeast and there are many strains of Kveik all with different characteristics. Probably the most popular strain of Kveik here in the U.S. is the Voss strain. Here is how Imperial Yeast describes the Voss strain:

A traditional Norwegian strain that has an extremely wide fermentation temperature range. This strain has been traditionally used in farmhouse style beers however, due to its fermentation temp range can be used in a variety of beers from pseudo lagers, Belgian inspired, and hop forward beers. On the cool end of the range, Loki is super clean; producing little to no esters. As things warm up, it tends to produce a huge fruit ester profile.

Temp: 65-100°F(16-37°C) // Flocculation: Med-High // Attenuation: 75-85%

I know by now Kveik is yeast you have got to try. No worrying about temperatures, pitch rates, alcohol percent, off flavors, and you can get a beer done in under a week! 

Good news. We now have the Imperial Yeast Kveik Voss Strain in stock. Click here!



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