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Using a Pump for a Homebrew Whirlpool

A home brew whirlpool system can have many homebrewing benefits. If you love to make IPA's, having a whirlpool after flame out to force the wort through your hops will greatly enhance hop aroma and flavor. (Common technique commercial brewers use in their IPA's) 

Another benefit is super fast chilling. Having a pump recirculate wort around the coils of your immersion chiller makes for some crazy fast chilling times. On the day we made this video we went from 185 degrees to 107 degrees is less than 3 minutes well below the DMS danger zone. After 7 minutes the wort was 61.8 degrees. Granted we do have some cold ground water this time of year but that is some fast chilling. 

A third benefit of a whirlpool setup is the centrifugal force of the whirlpool forms a trub cone in the center of the kettle allowing you to drain the wort from your kettle with very little trub entering your fermenter. 

Enjoy the video. Cheers! 


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