September 2018 -

1st Annual Brew Local - Drink Local Homebrew Competition

The 1st Annual Brew Local Drink Local Homebrew Competition is in the books. Congratulations to Jacob LaCoursiere. Jacob will be brewing his winning Munich Helles at LTD Brewing Co later this year. 

Left to right: Jared Milbradt 10K Brewing, Our winner Jacob LaCoursiere, Michael DeJosvay LTD Brewing Co, Steve Larsen LTD Brewing Co. 

Congratulations to all of the finalists. We had 12 amazing beers to choose from. Thanks to everyone that entered. You should receive your score sheets in the couple of weeks.

I look forward to seeing all of you and many more at next years competition! 


Thank you to all of our Sponsors! It truly was a team effort and it shows what can be accomplished when local independent businesses team up! Cheers!

OMNI Brewing Co10K Brewing

Alloy Brewing Co

Eastlake Brewery                       LTD Brewing Co

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  • Trevor

    Congrats Jacob! Can’t wait to try your first brew from a commercial set-up!

  • Tristan Bissinger

    What would be the shipping deadline for the contest?

  • Adam

    Does registration start August 19th or 25th?

  • Chris

    Hi what is the volumn of beer needed to submit to this competition?


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