Plastic Carboy FAQ

Gabriel Trujillo, President of The Vintage Shop - Division of D & S Industries Ltd., states the following in a Question/ Answer format, trying to summarize all questions received, however, if you have further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Q: Why does your bottle not have ribs and other bottles on the market do?


A: From a technical point of view: Ribbing and flex regions are usually used if you want to ensure that you have a sturdy bottled wall while using less PET material. Meaning, that ribs are used so that a thin walled bottle will not collapse while being used. However, if you have a thick walled bottle, there is less need for ribbing and flex regions. Most 500ml - 1.5 liter bottles have ribs and flex regions as less PET resin or light weighting is used due to cost considerations. Our bottle is a thick walled quality bottle.


A: From a wine maker. Ours is the right bottle for fermenting, since no yeast will adhere to the walls. Also not having ribs, makes the bottle easier to clean. It is similar to the glass carboy in that sense. HOME TEST/ We invite you to fill our bottle with water as well as any competitor’s bottle. Empty them and see how the walls stand the vacuum pressure.


  1. Q: Would the fact that your bottle does not have ribs affect the physical properties (easy cracking, breaking)?


A: NO. Physical properties are not compromised in our bottle when compared to other clear PETE bottles available. HOME TEST/ Drop the bottles full of water from 10 to 20 cm (around 4” to 7”) high and you should find no difference between them.


  1. Q: Is PET and PETE the same resin?


A: Yes. Check this website: Or Google PET vs. PETE and you will find that there is not a single difference between those two abbreviations.


  1. Q: Is the grade (type) of your PET bottle similar to the other clear (PETE) bottles available?


A: Yes, both resins are almost identical. If you are concerned about the quality of our resins, be assured that they are made of high quality resin.


  1. Q: Is there any difference in permeability between your bottle and other clear PETE bottles?


A: Yes. Our bottle is designed and manufactured to give you less permeability.


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