Grain Room Cleanest, Freshest, Best Stocked in the Midwest

Customers are constantly complimenting us on our grain room! They tell us that they are so impressed with the selection of grains and how fresh they are. They are also amazed at how clean and dust free the room is. If you are sensitive to grain dust you will love our Grain Room. 

Why is Brew & Grow Minnesota's Grain Room the freshest? We are small and nimble enough to order our grain in small quantities and constantly turn it over so you are always getting the freshest grain possible.

Our grain room is kept at the perfect temperature and humidity for storing grain. We also use a high powered air scrubber that really helps keep the dust down. 

Brew & Grow Minnesota Grain Room

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Grain Room Features:

  • 110 different grains with new grains added frequently
  • Supplying you with the freshest grains available
  • Every grain clearly labeled and priced with a detailed description of their characteristics
  • Grains sold by the ounce or in bulk so you can buy exactly what you need for custom recipes
  • Freshest and cleanest grain room in the Metro area
  • Carefully organized grains in easily-accessible, and certified food-grade bins
  • Brightly lit and easy to find what you need
  • Climate controlled (keeping the room cool helps keep your grains fresh)
  • Heavy duty air cleaner to keep the grain room air fresh and clean
  • Hand sanitizer and disposable dust masks available for customer use
  • Commercial mill available 
  • Adjustable mill available for custom grinding
  • Feel free to come in and use our grain mills anytime you need for FREE
  • Call ahead option available to have your grains cracked and ready for pick-up
  • Avangard, Briess, Crisp, Dingemans, Franco Belges, Gambrinus, Muntons, Rahr, Simpsons, Thomas Fawcett, Weyermann
  • If you don't see any of your favorite grains, just let us know and we will either stock it or special order it for you. 

Brew & Grow Minnesota Grain Room

Brew & Grow Minnesota Grain Room

Brew & Grow Minnesota Grain Room


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