All Grain Beer Kits

If you are interested in All Grain Beer Kits or All Grain Kits for short, then you will want to learn more about what we provide in an All Grain Beer Kit. 

If you are a newer all grain kit brewer you realize how challenging all grain brewing can be. You have to worry about pH, water chemistry, as well as the rest of your process. At Brew & Grow Minnesota we have made all grain beer kits fool proof. 

Every all grain kit comes with instructions for mash and sparge, as well as instructions for brew in a bag. Our brewers have designed a water profile for each all grain beer kit that ensures you will have a proper mash pH as well as the correct flavor profile and we give you the exact amount of water additions to add and when to add them. You will brew your best beer ever! 

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This short video explains exactly why our all grain kits are the most advanced all grain beer kits on the market!