All Grain Kit 10K Brewing Attack of the Cows Cream Ale

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Attack Of the Cows Cream Ale All Grain Kit

From the Head Brewer at 10K Brewing in Anoka, MN

A Brew Local Series Homebrew Kit 

This is the same recipe 10K uses in their brewery. 

An ale that drinks like a lager but does not lack any flavor. The cattle have come home to roost! A healthy portion of milk lactose gives this beer a full body and a slightly sweet finish. A nicely balanced, flavorful, easy drinking ale. 

What's in the kit:

  • 2 Row Pale Malt
  • Flaked Corn
  • Flaked Rice
  • Rice Hulls
  • Lactose
  • Crystal Hops
  • Willamette Hops
  • Safale US-05 American Ale

OG - 1.057   FG - 1.017   SRM - 3.3   IBU's - 21   ABV - 5.3%

Printable Instructions

What is our Brew Local Series of Kits?

We go straight to our Local Craft Breweries and ask their Brewmaster to pick one of the beers that they brew, and scale it to a 5 gallon home brew batch and then we put it in a kit. We are constantly trying to expand this series so check back often for new kits. Also make sure you patronize these breweries. They work hard everyday to produce amazing beer. We are fortunate to have so many fine Breweries in our community.

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This All Grain Kit is the most advance kit on the market today. Watch this 1 minute video to find out why.

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