Ball Lock Kegging System Refurbished Keg

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Ball Lock Kegging System Refurbished Keg 
Compare our 5-gallon ball lock keg system to the competition with their cheap foreign regulators and you will see why ours is a superior value. 
Our 5 gallon keg system includes:
  • Refurbished 5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg with Rubber Handles. (Guaranteed to hold pressure) 
  • Taprite Dual Gauge Regulator w/shutoff valve (Made in the USA)
  • Picnic Tap
  • Ball Lock Gas and Beverage disconnects
  • 4' Gas Tubing with flare fittings

Ask the competition if their regulator has all of these advantages.

Taprite prides itself on providing products that have both unparalleled quality and exceptional value. Here’s what makes Taprite regulators stand out from the competition:
Taprite regulators are made in America
 Taprite is not a warehouse for and distributor of foreign-made regulators
 Taprite produces regulators and a full range of dispense products in Texas. Taprite regulators meet the highest worldwide standards for health and safety
 All Taprite regulators are built and tested in accordance with UL Standard 252 for Compressed Gas Regulators and UL 252A for Compressed Gas Regulator Accessories
 Each regulator has an integral safety to prevent over pressurization
 10 Micron Filters are built into our primary regulators to keep contaminants out
 Taprite regulators are approved for use by all major breweries and soft drink producers. Taprite regulators outperform the competition.
 Taprite regulators are designed to provide high CO₂ volumetric flow, ensuring a constant supply pressure and continuity in your beverage dispense. Taprite regulators are easy to use.
 Taprite CO₂ regulators with polycarbonate bonnets require no tools for setting or adjusting the pressure
 Polycarbonate bonnet caps come in a standard color set to reflect the regulator’s application Taprite regulators are easy to service.
 The same repair kit can be used for both primary and secondary regulators
 Regulators are serviceable from the front, making repairs in the field quick and easy
 The integral seal on the primary regulator’s inlet eliminates the need for a separate sealing washer (plastic or fiber) Taprite regulators are incredibly durable.
 Taprite Polycarbonate bonnets will not break, chip, or fade over the life of the regulator
  Taprite regulators are robust enough to function in extreme environments, in temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C ) and as high as 200°F (93°C)


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