Brew Local Series Homebrew Kits

Brew Local is a brand new series of kits. We love our independent and local craft breweries and we are working with local craft brewers to put their beers into homebrew recipe kits. Virtually all craft brewers were homebrewers at one time and they love to give back to the homebrewers of our community. 

We are just starting this series of kits and we have been fortunate enough to work with two great local breweries, Tin Whiskers Brewing Co in St. Paul and 10K Brewing Co. in Anoka. We have their kits on the shelf and the response and feedback has been amazing. 

We currently have a couple of more breweries in the pipeline so stay tuned. We will be sure to let everyone know when these kits become available. In the meantime, next time you are in your favorite craft brewery, be sure to ask them to do a kit with us. 

Brew Local - Drink Local