Cryo Hops

Cryo Hops are brand new and now available to homebrewers. Brew & Grow Minnesota has them in stock now! 

What are Cryo Hops?

There is a really long, technical answer to this question but essentially Cryo Hops are powdered hops. A process has been used to get all of the beneficial parts of the hops into a powdered form. 

What are the benefits?

  • Intense hop flavor and aroma
  • less hop material resulting in increased yield of beer
  • less vegetative material equals less vegetal flavors and astringency
  • 1 oz of Cryo Hops is equal to two ounces of pellet or cone hops
  • allows for larger late kettle and dry hop charges

Brewers involved in testing of the Cryo Hop product reported outstanding results using Cryo hops vs pellets. The beers were as good or better with better aroma and an increased yield of beer because of less hop material.