All Grain Beer Recipe Kits

Total Water Solution All Grain Kits - Brew Your Best Beer             

The most advanced All Grain Kits on the market today

Exclusively at Brew & Grow Minnesota

This short video will explain the benefits of our Total Water Solution All Grain Kits.

  • The only All Grain Kits on the market that address water chemistry
  • Simply use Reverse Osmosis water and add the water ingredients as indicated in the instructions
  • All kits are optimized for a mash pH between 5.2 and 5.6
  • All kits are designed to enhance the flavor of the style being brewed
  • Each kit's water chemistry is designed by our brewers specifically for that kit
  • Brew Your Best Beer!


Custom Milling. We offer a Regular Crush and a Fine Crush for Brew in a Baggers! Nobody else does!

Every All Grain kit has instructions for Mashing and Sparging and also instructions for No Sparge Brew in a Bag.