Wine Expert Kit Luna Bianca

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Wine Expert Kit Luna Bianca

About this Wine Expert Wine Kit: Winexpert's biggest, boldest white wine ever. In the spirit of the great full-bodied Chardonnays of California and Australia, Luna Bianca is lush, golden and rich. Dense, luscious, buttery aromas dance up from the glass. Flavors of tropical fruits blend with the vanilla-oak backing - a technique usually achieved through barrel fermentation with extended lees (yeast sediment) contact. The high alcohol finished wine is smooth and mouth filling. Includes an F-pack with pure Chardonnay juice - another industry first.

Contains 15 liters of concentrated varietal juice, yeast and all necessary additives. Yields about 6 gallons (or 30 750 ml bottles), and ready to bottle in 6 weeks.

Complements rich cream sauces and butter based turkeys.

Sweetness: Off-Dry

Body: Full

Oak Intensity: Heavy

2010 Wine Maker Competition Gold Medal Winner

Wine Expert Wine Kits are recognized as the finest home winemaking kits available.