Spike Brewing

Spike Brewing in Milwaukee, Wi has selected Brew & Grow as their Exclusive Authorized Retailer in the Twin Cities. We are very excited to bring you the best equipment in Homebrewing. 

Spike Brewing is a manufacturer of stainless steel brewing equipment out of Milwaukee, WI, who strives for the highest quality equipment on the market. They have quickly become market leaders in the space offering sanitary tig-welds on all kettles and conicals, making sure you have a bacteria-free brew day.

All Spike Kettles and Conicals are welded in the Spike facility in Milwaukee, Wi and many of the parts are sourced from USA manufacturers. 

Spike offers:

● The thickest kettles on the market with stepped bottom designs – a great way to ensure all trub, hops, etc stay behind in the kettle

● Conicals pressure rated up to 15psi and act as unitanks, so you can ferment, carbonate and pressure transfer all from one tank!

● A full assortment of accessories 'a la carte' so you can purchase what you need to bring your products to the next level.