Muntons Amber

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Muntons Spraymalt is made from the finest UK malting barley designed to emulate classic beer styles from around the globe.

Dried Amber Malt Extract provides beers with a fuller, maltier flavor. In lower concentrations (1lb per gallon) it will contribute a deep golden color and a malty character. In very high concentrations (2lb per gallon) it will produce a dark amber to brown color, a full sweetness and complex malt flavors. In higher doses, it produces flavors resembling caramel, nuts and honey. Dried Amber Malt Extract is the dried syrup derived from a mash that consists of pale barley malts and some darker malts. Amber malt is highly fermentable and can be used as the primary ingredient in many pale or amber beer styles.

Malt extracts should be used according to a proper recipe for best results. Thoroughly dissolve malt extract in brewing water before it reaches a boil. Once the wort comes to a boil, add hops or any other ingredient according to your recipe. After one hour, cool the wort as quickly as possible and ferment according to recipe instructions.