Wine Expert Kit Mezza Luna Red

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Wine Expert Kit Mezza Luna Red

About this Wine Expert Wine Kit: Vintners Reserve’s ‘big red’ wine offering. Rich and flavorful, this purposeful blend marries intense aromas with complex flavors bursting of cherry and raspberry. Boasts dark red colors and a superb oak enhancement. Delightful complexity within a 28-day category wine, Mezza Luna is a powerful and lively red wine to serve with hearty meals.

Contains 10 liters of concentrated varietal juice, yeast, and all necessary additives; Yields about 6 gallons (or 30 750 ml bottles), and ready to bottle in 4 weeks.

A match with vegetable and meat stews.

Sweetness: Dry
Body: Medium
Oak: Medium

Gold Award Winner

Wine Expert Wine Kits are recognized as the finest home winemaking kits available.