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Brew and Grow in Minnesota has been servicing home brewers, winemakers, and hydroponic and organic garden enthusiasts for over 31 years. We were the first store in Minnesota with this concept and very proud of that fact! 

You can find in our store or order online beer brewing and wine making equipment kits, a large selection of Brew and Grow's own extract and all grain beer ingredient kits; fresh malts, grains, yeast and hops from around the world; kegging equipment; fermenters; bottles; grain mills; WineExpert wine kits from around the world; presses; wine labels; brushes; cleaners and sanitizers; wine concentrates and flavors. Check out our large, clean grain room with a mill for crushing your grains. We also sell supplies to make soda. 

We stock the most current products in the hydroponic industry, including grow lights, pest controllers, fertilizers, nutrients, climate controllers, growing containers, odor controllers, rock wool and other growing mediums, CO2, fans, portable garden rooms, books, timers, reflective materials, and propagation supplies. If growing organically is your preference, check out our large selection of organic nutrients


Established in 1988, Brew & Grow (Minnesota) is independently owned and operated. Brew and Grow started its business in Madison, Wisconsin, with only    the hydroponic and indoor gardening concept. Once Brew and Grow moved to Minnesota in 1990, home beer brewing and wine making products were added. At this time, we were the only hydroponic specialty store and one of many beer brewing/wine making supply stores. Home brewing was really taking off in the Minneapolis area, and after the market was saturated with about 20 new brew shops, many went out of business, but Brew and Grow survived. Brew and Grow remained in their Fridley location for 17 years. In November 2007, Brew and Grow moved to a larger building just one mile east of our old location.





Kevin, who works directly with the customers, really cares about this industry and its customers as evidenced by him being at Brew and Grow every single day still helping his old and new customers with their hobbies. Kevin's hobbies (when he has time) are fishing, especially ice fishing, hunting, and obviously home brewing and gardening.

Cheryl handles the bookkeeping, marketing, and other behind-the-scene operations of Brew and Grow. With two grown children out of the nest now, she can now concentrate on deciding which hobbies she would like to pursue.  

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