CO2 Tank Refill & Exchange


CO2 tank refills have gone the way of the dinosaur. No CO2 dealer will fill one tank when they can spend their time filling hundreds. So if you have a shiny new tank you are going to have to exchange it. Sorry but that is just the way it works today. 

At Brew and Grow Minnesota we take a different approach to the CO2 Tank business. Why sell you a new one when you are going to wind up with a used one as soon as you need CO2 for it. Makes no sense.

At Brew and Grow, if you need a CO2 tank we will charge you a refundable deposit for the tank and then we charge you for the CO2 . If you no longer need the tank or you want to upgrade to a larger size we will refund your entire deposit or apply it to another tank. 

This program is also great if you ever need an extra CO2 tank for an event just give us a deposit, buy the CO2, and when your event is over return the tank and get your deposit back. 

Refundable Deposit Prices

2.5 lb Tank - $57.00

5 lb Tank - $82.00

10 lb Tank - $105.00

20 lb Tank - $125.00

CO2 Prices

2.5 lb - $18.00

5 lb - $22.00

10 lb - $25.00

20 lb - $33.00