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Kevin Keuler // Co-Owner

Kevin is the co-owner of Brew & Grow MN which started in Wisconsin 28 years ago! Kevin works on the sales floor most often and is constantly greeting customers with a friendly “hello”! With so much experience in the business, he is very knowledgeable at answering all your home brew, winemaking, and gardening questions! One of the best parts about owning Brew & Grow for Kevin is working with people with similar interest as him and helping people brew the best beer they possibly can! Kevin really enjoys organic gardening and brewing beer (pale ales are his favorite)! He prefers kegging his homebrews over cleaning & bottling which is why the kegging system is his favorite product! One of Kevin’s favorite activities outside of work is ice fishing, so if you can’t find him at the store, he may be out on the ice!


Cheryl Keuler // Co-Owner

Cheryl is the co-owner of Brew & Grow MN which started 28 years ago! Cheryl does much of the office behind-the-scenes work within the store. Cheryl enjoys experimenting with different wines but her favorite is Eclipse Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel with Grape Skins! Some of her special interests are being with family and friends, her dog “Rudy”, the Green Bay Packers, the Minnesota Wild, playing tennis, and baking!


Pat Huffman // Brewing Expert

Pat has been with Brew & Grow MN for 3 years and he loves working for a small, locally owned business! Some of the areas that Pat works with are marketing, social media, and kit development. He loves to brew and has his own brewery set up in his garage! Pat loves many kinds of beer and has brewed over 46 different styles! His favorite product is the 15 gallon Amcyl Kettle for a variety of reasons; it can brew 10 gallon batches, has volume etching for convenient measuring, is heavy duty and durable, produces even heating, and is very easy to clean. Pat also enjoys golfing in his free time!


Paul // Senior Sales Associate

Paul has been working at Brew & Grow MN for 5 years on the sales floor. As a Senior Sales Associate, Paul is frequently helping our customers with technical advice with our brewing, winemaking, and gardening products. And as our Event Coordinator, Paul gets our name out into the community by setting up at local events and speaking with current and future customers. Paul’s interests include his family, gardening, yardwork, and home brewing! His home brew hobby explains his favorite product: HOPS!


Stacy // Office Assistant

Stacy has been with Brew & Grow MN for about 3 years and enjoys working in the office as an office assistant. She does a wide variety of tasks to keep things running smoothly. Stacy enjoys working with a small company where the staff are friendly and people can come in and get individual customer service. Outside of work, Stacy loves being with family, watching soccer, cooking and baking, and camping!


Tim // Sales Associate

Tim has been working as a sales associate with Brew & Grow MN since the summer of 2016. You will likely see Tim when you come in to do your shopping as he can be found on the sales floor greeting customers, answering questions, and helping you find the right product you are looking for! As a new home brewer, Tim has acquired a variety of equipment and tried some great kits! He recommends the Aurora Extra Pale kit that can be found with the Brew & Grow kits in store and online. His favorite product is the Immersion Wort Chiller as it works great to cool the wort fast! When he isn’t working, he enjoys disc golf, playing music (guitar and piano), watching the Vikings, and home brewing!


Dietrich Bressler // Sales Associate

Dietrich has been with Brew & Grow MN for about 9 months. As a sales associate, Dietrich can be found on the sales floor working with customers, answering questions, and giving great customer service! His specialty is making ciders with his at-home equipment. He really enjoys making fruit infused ciders and most recently has been brewing malted ciders! Some examples are cucumber/honey, hot cinnamon, and oaked cider! This is why his favorite product is the juices and purees for making ciders. Aside from cider making, Dietrich enjoys sports, the outdoors, and running! 


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