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Great service and quick Delivery

I order the supplies needed for a couple of batches and they were Delivered in 2 days.


PVC Shrink Capsules - Various Colors

Bad Yeast

All taken care of - thanks for the great customer service! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your kindness Dennis. We're glad we were able to work everything out. Enjoy the beer! Cheers!
Bad Yeast

The recipe and beer itself is fine (fermenting now) however I did not specify the liquid yeast as it was being mailed. I figured it would be best to go with the dry yeast. When I opened the box, 3 days after it was delivered, I noticed that I got liquid yeast for both my beer recipes. Had I known that, I would have gotten them in the fridge ASAP. One smack pack yeast did work, but the one for the Charlie Brown ale was spoiled. Also, your recipes did not specify if they came with a bag for the grains so I ordered one for each of my beers, which as it turns out, came with bags. I guess now I have two extra.

Brew & Grow

Purchased a 8-valve chrome manifold for a "government project" and have been very satisfied. 1st time visited this website, but won't be the last.

Thanks for your review Mark! We're glad you had a good experience and enjoy your product.

Had a skeeter pee batch stuck with the original 1118 and this yeast was amazing. Get stuck and get this.Put your must in another carboy.Make sure you aerate the heck out of your stuck show with a drill and the Stainless Steel Mix-Stir or anything that can mix it with a frothy ending and add little more yeast nutrient and yeast energizer .Mixing it with a stir stick by hand won't work. Just make sure your stuck show is at 70 to 74 F when you do this. Amazing results. I have not tried a start batch with this yeast. Going to try it soon.

Thanks for your review Ray and also thank you very much for the helpful tips on Skeeter Pee!
Good smooth beer

This one is another of my new favorites among the Belgian beers. Just a good smooth crisp easy drinking beer. Looking forward to being this more.

Thanks for the review Ken. We are glad you enjoyed the beer. Saisons are awesome!
Very good beer

Real smooth easy drinking beer, and I will definitely be brewing more of this one.

Thanks for your review Ken. We appreciate your business and are glad you enjoyed the beer!

An absolute must for making skeeterpee. It works great.

Thanks for your review Ray!
Fermentis Safale BE-134
BE-134 - 5 Stars

This has become my go to saison yeast, BE-134 produces a really nice beer. Fermented at standard ale temps it produces a nice balance of flavors between esters, phenols, malt and hops. The final beer is crisp, bright (flavor) and very quaffable. In a keg it will go completely clear after a week or so of conditioning with no fining. Its also great bottle conditioned, producing that classic saison refermented character. This is really a standout yeast and in its dry format its so easy to use.

Saison (10g)
Mash – 7 gallons
1g Gypsum
1g Calc. Chloride
5g Epsom Salt

Sparge – 10 gallons
1.4g Gypsum
1.4g Calc. Chloride
7.1g Epsom Salt

20.0 lb Pilsner
1.0 lb Wheat
4.0 oz Acidulated Malt

2.0 oz East Kent Golding (UK) 60 min
1.5 oz East Kent Golding (UK) 15 min
1.5 oz Styrian Golding (SI) 15 min
0.5 oz East Kent Golding (UK) 5 days Dry Hop
0.5 oz Styrian Golding (SI) 5 days Dry Hop

Fermentis BE-134

Thanks for the review Aaron and thanks for the recipe. It looks great, can't wait to try it!
Super service

Ordering is a snap, delivery is very fast and products are well-packaged. A great company to do business with.

Thanks for the review David. We're glad you had a great experience!

Yeast Energizer

Thanks for the review Ray. Let us know how the Skeeter Pee turns out!
Long story short

The yeast grew, but there was a glitch with Robobrew. That was resolved last Friday and the new slap pack is in the primary as of about two hours ago. I grew it up a bit with DME; I expect it will be super. Great customer service!

Thanks for the review Walter and enjoy your new Robobrew!

1 Gallon White Grow Bags - 100 Count

Thanks Tony!
Good but almost too much

I love a good hoppy IPA but this one just has a little too much. Could almost do with just an ounce of dry hops. It's good, just a little over the top.

Thanks for the review Ken. On the Fly is definitely a hoppy beer. This kit is the actual homebrew recipe for Bells Two Hearted Ale.
Great for blending

Moscato is a little sweet than I like but I made a Moscato one gallon batch kit to blend with a very dry blueberry wine. Used a ratio of 5 parts blueberry 1 part Moscato for an off dry and another blend of 1 to 1 for a medium sweet. The Moscato rounded out the flavor, but didn't overpower the blueberry with either blend. I'd use it again to backsweeten berry wines.

Thanks for the review KG, and thanks for the helpful blending tips! Cheers!

Warrior Pellet Hops

Thanks Greg!
Great Water Treatment Starter Kit

This is a great starter kit for water treatment salts and comes with nice containers. You will need a few things with this: a pipette to measure the lactic acid, a 0.01g scale to weigh out the powders, a good pH meter, a calculation on target water profile (like Bru'n Water or Beersmith), and *most importantly* a formal water profile from somewhere like Ward Labs (approx. $35-40 for the report and cost of shipping 10-16oz of water by mail). Alternately, you could buy all reverse osmosis water and build the water profile from scratch instead of using tap water. Buying this without a water report first is not helpful. If you do not know where you are (water report or 100% RO water), you cannot possibly add salts to get somewhere better. This is a great kit with all of the necessary treatments.

Thanks JEB for the review and all of your helpful tips. One note, for the beginners, this kit was designed to go with our all grain kits which have the water addition amounts right in the instructions. All you have to do is use reverse osmosis water and you will get a proper pH and flavor profile for the beer.

Corn Sugar

Thanks for the review Greg!

Just as I expected! Arrived on time and in excellent condition. Love the customer service you provide. Always extremely satisfied.

Thanks for the review Julie and thank you for your kind words!
Nice job guys.

I decided I wanted to bottle wine over Easter weekend, but the tubing I had was used so much it was getting kinda rough looking. I needed new stuff. I ordered new tubing on Wednesday afternoon and I had it in my hands by Friday afternoon. That's what I call service. Good pricing too. Thanks guys.

Thanks for the review Steve! We're glad you had a great experience!
Bottle Caps

Received a dark blue/black bottle cap instead of the pictured silver one. It doesn't much matter for my purposes, but the picture should show what the customer is receiving.

Thank you for the review Sara! We appreciate your feedback and we have corrected that product listing so this should not happen again.
Great product

I always buy the same brand at B&G since it is great quality and very good service.

Thanks for the review Carlos!

A good choice for any light ale as it finishes clean and crisp. Try in place of safale 05

Thanks for the review Ken!
Great IPA

Just the right amount of hops and like it says balanced well with the malts, without being too much for those who don't like a lot of hop flavor. Just a real easy drinking IPA, would recommend this one.

Thanks for the review Ken! This is one of my favorites as well. Glad you liked it!