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London Ale Yeast III 1318

I needed yeast quickly and our usual supplier did not have so started search; Brew & Grow has good website, good information and they supplied the yeast quickly, well packed and healthy; our East Coast IPA is looking great in second fermentation. Will use them again! Thanks you.

Works great

Works great like it should. Doesn't take long to add the needed O2 needed for your wort.

Perfect Imperial Stout - Carb drops left it a bit over carbonated though

This beer came in at 8.7%! Very nice and smooth drink. Bit of coffee flavor with sweet. Not overly hoppy. SG at 1.086 and FG at 1.020. The yeast did a great job with this heavy beer - I was a bit worried, but it again took off like a rocket. Solid active fermentation for about three days. Please don't mind the dirty glass in the pic!

The carb drops were the only draw back to this one. I've opened two of these bottles now and each one foams for about 5 minutes before I can pour. I did use 22 oz. bottles with two drops. But, I've used the same "formula" for the Eric the Red and Charlie Brown and those are perfectly carbed with these drops. Probably recommend something a little more precise with corn sugar vs. the drops. Would like to hear from someone that's done this kit and used the smaller bottles with one carb drop. By BeerSmith calcs, the drops were about .02 ounces more than what it calculated for the batch.

Perfect Red Ale

This turned out perfect. Couldn't ask for a better red. Malty, bit of hop to balance it out. I'll be buying this again. Maybe add a tad of carafoam (.5 oz) to hold the head a bit longer and reduce the roasted barley by .25 oz to lighten it up a tad, but that's all I'd change. Came in at 15 SRM (1 SRM too dark for standard Irish Red Ale) and 1.056 SG. The Muntons Active Dry yeast was awesome. Brought it down to 1.009. Active fermentation within two hours of pitching the yeast. (sorry for the Lakefront Brewery image in the pic - wasn't thinking of the review when I took the pic).

Great Service

I had to order a single bag of wyeast due to a mistake on my part and I received it very wuickly

5 stars, a ral favorite of mine!

Rich, dark, very good

Solid kit for winter stout crowd

Lots of my friends like stouts, especially in the winter. I picked up this kit during the $20 sale last fall and had it ready for Christmas.

It went over very well. I hosted a tasting of my fall beers and a buddy asked specifically if he could bring some of these home. I’m not a stout fan myself, but enjoyed it too.

Great kit for the sale price, I’d buy it again at normal price too in the fall.


Like a juicy Apple, only it could use a little more Apple flavor, or maybe some cinnamon or use Apple cider. Crisp and smooth flavor and goes down smooth, I will try this one again with some changes. Still a good beer as is.


Really really good! Smooth and creamy, almost like drinking a gingerbread cookies but better. It's very good and has an excellent kick to it, and just enough of all the flavors to dance across your tongue. I would recommend this one for anytime of the year. If the wire likes it, almost everyone will like it as she normally doesn't like a stout or anything dark.

Works Good

This came with the Monster Mash kit. The hoist and lock system works well for holding up the mash bag. But, make sure to understand that this is not a pulley and there is no mechanical advantage provided by this. You still have to lift 100% of the weight of the grain bag and the ratchet will hold it above your kettle. Also, the snap on the ratchet end, which is where the grain bag attaches, is a little small for the "Brew Bag" provided in the Monster Mash kit. I ended up buying a larger carabiner/spring snap at the hardware store to make it easier to attach the Brew Bag handles.

best burner on the market

very glad i bought one, This gem cuts out about a hour out of brew day lots and lots of BTU's fine piece and well built thanks blichmann.

Easy drinking

Good easy drinking full flavored beer with hints of prunes, smoke and some other flavors I can't quite put my finger on. Kinda tastes like the Belgian Dubbel but a little more subtle. Still a great beer, slight sweetness to it and great mouth feel.


Great value

Good thermometer

Good for checking temp when cooling down a starter or getting priming sugar down to temp before adding to bottling bucket.

Worth a try

Add that extra boost in flavors and mouth feel of your beer. Been very satisfied with using this product in most of my beers. It is very widely used in almost everything we consume so why not make the beer taste better. Even just using 1/2 cup per 5 gallons makes a difference.

Good product

Very happy in switching to the larger size, 3/8" up to 1/2". Makes for filling growlers so much faster.

Worth the money

For how many times I have bumped something into one of my fermenters or have bumped it into the counter, these have helped to cushion the blow. I really think they help in keeping in a little bit of the heat/cold, but wish they had a bottom to help more. Maybe the next model will??

Works good

Works as it should, great power, nice and quiet, does a good job. Used it with a filter and had no problems.

Another good product

These work great with the quick snap around your fermenter and away you go. Both versions of these carriers are equally good. Could use slightly longer handles but still good.

Must have

So much easier for a quick grab of your empty fermenters. Nice feel of the handle and nice attachment to the fermenting vessel.

No problems

I haven't had a problem while I used this. However I switched over to the oxygen tank setup instead as it is much faster and can be done without this with no problems.

Nice for adding oxygen

Nice fine bubbles makes for more thorough addition into the wort.


These really are a handy product to have around. So much easier to handle your carboys safely. Handles could be slightly longer but still a very good product.

Good to have

Good I have this. Really does make a difference in fermentation process. Just adding a minute of oxygen into your wort makes the yeast seem to work so much faster and more complete. Would recommend.

Excellent product

I have used these since day one and have been sold on them. Never had an issue with them and the next morning after I have started the yeast, I love that I can smell the yeast so strongly. I have probably 20+ brews on one and still working great, but yeah a little yellow like started before me. But hey if it works, keep going, if it plugs get a new one.

Works great

Great bottling bucket, easily interchangeable with 3/8" or 1/2" spigots. Great too for sanitizing items and transferring or emptying fluid.

Great for....

Works good for fermenting, filling up brew kettle, or using for cleaning water. Good to have two or three of these around.

Nice quality

These really are a good thick quality product. Very sturdy, would recommend the carboy shield I'd you are going to have multiple stored next to each other for the "just in case" impact.

Well it works

It works ok maybe if you're only doing a few but I would definitely recommend using a bench top version instead, especially if doing a full five gallon batch.

They work

They seal good, work good and are good quality without crimping funny like some of the cheap ones.


Wow, this thing has a powerful jet spray that works great for bottles and even 6+ gallon carboys. Works great on a faucet/spigot on the outside of the house as opposed to a sink. Works great to bust thru caked on stuff.

Good but...

Good product, depends on what I'm using it on, if I have a little bit of any particles left in beer in bottling bucket, this does seem to get plugged a little easier than the spring version and leaks slightly.

Another good one

This is yet another good product. I own both this one and the 45 bottle economy tree and they both work great. I think the economy tree actually is a little more stable as far as the tines that the bottles are placed on. Still good though.

Does the job

Powerful spray that thoroughly cleans the bottles. Only downfall is that if you use too much sanitizer it does bubble up a little too much. Still good to have.

Must have

This really is a must have for someone who is bottling. It is very sturdy even when full. Holds 1/2 gallon and 1/4 gallon growlers no problem mixed in with 12 oz as well. Great quality!

Like it

The 3/8" works really well for twelve to 22 ounce bottles but not so much for 1/2 gallon growlers. For them I use the 1/2" as it is much faster.

Great selection

Great selection of colors, never have a problem with any of them sealing. Soak in some star san and you're good to go.

Works good

Works good but had to bend it just slightly to clean it a little better.

Good product

Works good, just takes a little longer than one step to seem to be effective. Still a good product though and does the job.

Good product

Never had any problems with this product at all. No off taste if a little is left in a keg after cleaning or if any gets into my fermenter. I would recommend this.


Works good and cleans quick, no residues. Cleans just as good as the others and less time to soak.

Great for starters

I always use either the light or extra light for making my starters and if I want to add a little more boost to a brew.

works good

I have used this since day one and all of my brews, except my Wit and a few others that are meant to be hazy, turned out just like a premium filtered beer. It's cheap so why not use it.


So much faster than the 3/8" makes it worth it in time.

Very light easy drinking

Just like it says again, very light and very easy to drink beer. It mixes the subtle sweetness with just a slight bit of bitter. Goes down really smooth with a crisp finish.

Oh so good

Man this one is great, could use another can of pumpkin or maybe some more spices to it. I added a little more cinnamon and just a little bit of honey to give it some more robust flavors and it really paid off. I will be brewing more of this one more often.

Turned out good

I actually fermented this one with Munich Ale yeast instead of using the lager yeast strain and it still turned out great with some different flavors, but still retained a Oktoberfest style. I would try it again with maybe a different ale yeast just to see what other flavors I can get out of it. That's the best part of brewing is the experimentation that can occur.

One of my favorites

This has been another one of my favorites. Just a real good example of a Kolsch with not too much hop flavor yet a unique blend of the hops with the malts making it just so easy to drink and enjoy all the flavors mix on your tongue. Give it a try if you're looking for a good easy to drink beer.

Great taste

A little bit different from a honey weiss beer, but almost could use just a touch more honey towards the end of the boil to get a little more out of it.. It's still a very easy drinking beer as it is and goes down smooth.

Just try it

Don't let the name fool you, this is an excellent brew. I asked my wife and the neighbors to try this one not telling them what it was along side another beer and asked them what they thought. Their replies on this one was "wow, that is a really good beer, and we don't like anything rye". Then I told them what it was and they asked for more. It is a really smooth great easy drinking beer.