Ss BrewTech BrewMaster Edition Kettle vs Northern Budweiser Edelmettal Kettle

The two biggest players in Pro Quality Brew Kettles face off head to head. Who will be the best value?

The Ss BrewTech BrewMaster Edition Brew Kettle Wins!

As you can see by the feature comparison there are some definite advantages with the Ss BrewTech BrewMaster Edition. Let's go over some of these features and see how important they may be for you.

  • Capacity -Ss offers 20% more capacity for the same money. That will come in handy as your next brew comes to a boil!
  • Ss has 1.2 mm thick 304 Stainless Steel making this kettle the most heavy duty on the market. The Edelmetall really cheaps out in this area. They use 0.8 mm thick SS and then add a SS band around the top to hold it together. This is the way much cheaper kettles are manufactured. (Jeez, Budweiser cuts corners, imagine that!)
  • Sanitary Fittings - There is only one sanitary fitting and that is sanitary welded Tri-Clamp Fittings. If you walk into a professional brewery all you will find is sanitary welded Tri-Clamp Fittings. Weldless, threaded fittings are not sanitary and should be pulled off the kettle to be properly cleaned every time you use it. Again, like the band that holds the kettle together, weldless fittings are something generally found on cheaper kettles. 
  • Dish Bottom - The dish shaped bottom on the Ss Kettle combined with the Fire Box creates 50% more surface area speeding up the time to boil and increasing burner efficiency. It also creates a space for trub to accumulate thus allowing the rotating racking arm to drain the kettle without picking up a lot of trub. 
  • Ball Valve with Sight Glass - The Ss Ball Valve with Sight Glass combined with the rotating racking arm makes it so easy to make sure you pick up as little trub as possible. You will know if you are picking up trub before you ever open the ball valve. If you are picking up trub, simply angle the racking arm up, drain off the trub and the wort will run clear. You can then lower the racking arm slowly keeping it just above the trub. 

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