The Bubbler Killer 30 Liter Heavy Duty Wide Mouth Carboy

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This is a super heavy duty 7.9 gallon fermenter. It's shorter height makes it easy to use in fermentation chambers and the built in heavy duty handles make lifting and carrying a breeze.

The mouth on this fermenter is huge! 9.5 inches! I can fit my head in there. Not that you would want to but you can! Try doing that with a bubbler. It also makes it easy to add things like fruit or dry hops to the fermenter. It also makes it much easier to clean.

It also includes a silicone washer to seal the lid. It comes with a sealed threaded port. The port is sealed from the factory if you don't want one and if you do want one just drill a 7/8 inch hole and an Italian Bottling Spigot will thread right on. 

It is opaque so you can easily see the level and you would be able to tell if you have a krausen without opening the lid. At 7.9 Gallons you have plenty of head room. 

This fermenter is a beast and will last a lifetime. 

18" High by 14" Diameter  Mouth 9.5" Diameter