All Grain Kit Masquerade Belgian IPA

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All Grain Kit Masquerade Belgian IPA

Tasting Notes:

American IPA hoppiness meets Belgian funk! Solid malt backbone supports a generous amount of hops. Who knew that Belgian Wit yeast would make such a great IPA!  A lot of hops, a lot of funk! This is a recipe that Flying Dog Brewery was nice enough to give us as a clone of their famous Raging Bitch Belgian IPA and this recipe is awesome! For best results, definitely get the Wyeast 3944 Belgian Wheat yeast. 

  • 11.5 lbs Briess Brewers Malt
  • 12 oz Caramel 60L
  • 1 lb Corn Sugar
  • 1 oz Warrior (Bittering)
  • .25 oz Columbus (Flavoring 15 min)
  • .25 oz Amarillo (Flavoring 15 min)
  • .5 oz Columbus (Flavoring 10 min)
  • .5 oz Amarillo (Flavoring 10 min)
  • .25 oz Columbus (Aroma)
  • .25 oz Amarillo (Aroma)
  • 1 oz Columbus (Flame Out)
  • 1 oz Amarillo (Flame Out)
  • .5 oz Columbus (Dry Hop)
  • 1.75 oz Amarillo (Dry Hop)

Recommended Yeast

Wyeast 3944 Belgian Wit

Safbrew BE-256 Abbaye Ale Dry Yeast

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