All Grain Kit Old Barn Rye Saison

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All Grain Kit

Pours a golden orange hue with a rocky white head. Hints of tropical fruit and citrus combine with a classic Belgian funk in the nose from a generous dry hop addition. Grainy sweetness and rye spiciness balance the firm bitterness, while tropical fruit and citrus flavors abound all the while that traditional Belgian funk delights in the background leading to a clean, crisp, dry finish. A classic Belgian Saison with a wonderful American twist. Incredibly easy drinking.  

Ingredients included in this kit (Please note: only use the amount recipe calls for as some ingredients may have extra):

6 lbs Standard 2 Row Malt

1.25 lbs Rye Malt

8 oz Munich Malt

8 oz Aromatic Malt

1 lb Corn Sugar

1 oz Magnum Hops

2 oz Galaxy Hops

2 oz Centennial Hops

Recommended Yeast (NOT INCLUDED IN KIT)

Belle Saison Dry Yeast

Wyeast 3726 Farmhouse Ale

Printable Instructions

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