Australian Chardonnay Selection by Winexpert

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Australian Chardonnay Selection by Winexpert

Leave it to the Aussies to take the noble French grape and turn it into the wine equivalent of a full-on party. The Chardonnays of Australia continue to wow wine drinkers around the world with their unabashed celebration of opulent fruit and vanilla-oak, full-bodied flavor. Our Chardonnay is no exception. Full, supple, buttery and fruity, this golden wine delivers from start to clean, lingering finish. Gold Award Winner!

Contains 16 liters of concentrated varietal juice, yeast, and all necessary additives; Yields about 6 gallons (or 30 750 ml bottles), and ready to bottle in 6 weeks.

Matched well with cream-based sauces and turkey.

Sweetness: Dry
Body: Medium-Full
Oak: Heavy

2009 Wine Maker Competition Gold Medal Winner

2010 Wine Maker Competition Silver Medal Winner