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A 1 gallon beer making kit is perfect for the beginning brewer. It's a great, inexpensive way to try the world's best hobby and make fantastic craft beer at home using the same ingredients as Craft Brewery's use.  This kit is also great for brewers who want to experiment with different recipes without spending a whole bunch of money. This kit is also great for brewers who like variety and don't need a lot of beer.

We set out to build the best 1 Gallon Beer Making Kit out there. Customers tell us that the biggest problem with 1 gallon brewing is volume loss. We've heard horror stories of only getting 3 or 4 bottles instead of 8 or 9.

One cause of volume loss is blowoff. This is where you lose volume because the fermentation vessel is too small. Our competitors give you a single 1 gallon fermenter. We give you a 2 gallon primary fermenter and a 1 gallon secondary fermenter. This eliminates blowoff.

Another cause of volume loss is hops. You have to have hops in beer but not only do they suck up a lot of beer, they settle on the bottom of the fermenter which prevents you from bottling that beer. We include a Hop Sack in our kit. By bagging your hops during the boil and for the dry hop you are able to utilize the hops but get little to no hop sludge on the bottom of your fermenter. If you are making a hop forward IPA this is critical. This bag is reusable and works in both the boil and the fermenter. 

Another complaint we hear with the competition's kit is it's hard to clean the fermenter unless you have a special brush which is not included in the kit. That is why we chose to use the 2 gallon bucket for primary fermentation and the wide mouth glass fermenter for the secondary fermentation. Very easy to clean and requires no special brushes. 

So compare our kit to the competition and you will see why it is the best beer making kit out there and at a great price! 


  • One 2-Gallon plastic Primary Fermenter with grommeted lid,
  • One 1-Gallon glass Wide Mouth Fermenter for Secondary Fermentations
  • Hop Sack 12"x19" Coarse
  • S Type Airlock
  • Mini Auto Siphon
  • 4 ft. Siphon tubing
  • Bottle brush
  • 2 oz 1 Step Cleaner
  • Spring Loaded Bottle Filler
  • Gloria Double Lever Capper

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