Belgian Triple Ale Extract Kit with Specialty Grains

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We highly recommend purchasing dry yeast during the warmer months. While we offer a complimentary ice pack with all liquid yeast orders, the combination of warmer temperatures and shipping times makes it difficult for your liquid yeast to remain chilled.

Traditional Belgian Triple style that uses Wyeast's #1214 Belgian Abbey yeast and just enough Belgian Candy and Biscuit grain to create a complex lightly hopped high gravity beer. Makes 5 gallons, or approximately 48 bottles of beer.

Kit includes:

  • Malt Base: 6 lbs Northwestern's Gold Malt Extract, 2 lbs Munton's Extra Light SDM
  • Speciality Grains: 8 oz Aromatic, 4 oz Biscuit
  • Adjuncts: 1 lb Light Candy Sugar
  • Hops: 2 oz Styrian Goldings (Bittering); .25 oz Saaz (Finishing)
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