Blichmann Beer Gun

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Happiness is a beer gun!

The Beer Gun is used mainly for filling beer bottles from previously kegged and carbonated beer. It can, however be used to fill bottles from a bottling bucket/fermenter, or even be used to fill wine bottles, provided there is a source of C02 available. In this case, little pressure is available to push the beer through the hose, so a shorter length of hose is recommended to increase flow rate.

The Beer Gun is designed to be much more ergonomic and much less complex than a traditional counter pressure bottle filler. The Beer Gun is designed to purge a beer bottle with CO2 gas, and then transfer carbonated beer into the bottle with minimal foaming, preserving a high level of the beer's carbonation. It is extremely simple to clean and set up and intuitively easy and fast to operate. Unlike counter pressure fillers with multiple valves, the Beer Gun has a one-handed operation—just press the trigger! Everything that touches the beer is stainless steel, which ensures the Beer Gun is easy to keep clean, and that it will have a long life.

  • One-handed intuitive operation
  • Less complex than Counter Pressure!!
  • Everything that touches the beer is stainless
  • Low foaming
  • Simple to clean and set-up
  • So easy you’ll actually enjoy bottling!
  • Great for kegs or bottling buckets!
  • Wine-makers too!

WARNING: DO NOT AT ANY TIME EXCEED 15 PSI on the filler. Ensure that your regulator is in good working order.

Operates best at 1/2 normal dispensing pressure. Use the minimum pressure as a good starting point.

The Beer Gun includes a 10 foot length of 3/16" ID hose and a brush for cleaning the inside of the tube.