Blichmann Therminator Wort Chiller

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The Therminator is the fastest way to chill your wort to yeast pitching temperature and get your fermentation off to a quick, bacteria-free start. It will chill 10 gallons of wort using 58 degree cooling water at 5 gallons per minute in 5 minutes! The Therminator features all 316 stainless steel plates and fittings, brazed together with pure copper in an oxygen free furnace - which eliminates the possibility of leaks like a gasket type unit. It features a low restriction garden hose size water inlets and outlets, and 1/2" MPT wort inlets and outlets. The Therminator's low restriction means that you can use a gravity feed or a pump. Sanitize by flushing with sanitizer, or you can even boil it to sanitize. Use the backflush hose assembly (sold separately) to flush water back through the unit after use to make sure The Therminator stays clean. Comes with stainless mounting bracket and detailed instructions. The most effective wort chilling device available.