Brewers Edge Mash and Boil Electric Brewing System

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The Brewers Edge Mash and Boil makes All Grain Brewing easy and affordable. No need for an outdoor burner, complicated brewing stand, or a 220 volt special circuit - it plugs into any 110 volt GFI household outlet. The Mash and Boil’s exclusive double wall stainless construction conserves heat to achieve a rolling boil with only 110 volts and 1600 watts, and its precise thermostat and internal sparging basket lets you mash and boil in the same vessel.

The Mash and Boil features an adjustable thermostat (switchable from Fahrenheit to Centigrade) with an adjustable run time preset at 3½ hours for safety. It also features a delayed start timer, so you can program the Mash and Boil to turn on up to 24 hours after setting. For example, load it with strike water, and have it set to be hot when you come home from work to save time. 

A 5' power cord is included.


  • 110V / 1600 Watts
  • Digital Thermostat
  • External Stainless Steel ½” Valve 
  • Double Wall, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Internal Sparging Basket
  • Mash up to 16 LBs of Malt
  • Maximum Capacity of 7.5 Gallons
  • 14" W x 28" H Footprint (40" H w/Basket)

Click here to view the Mash and Boil with a pump.

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Customer Reviews

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Simplifies my day and reduces time

I am a very experienced all grain Brewer. I liked the idea of this because I can mash, boil and ferment in the same container it wo is like a charm. You do have a slight learning curve to get temperatures down but after that is is easy.

Great product and EXCELLENT customer service

The Mash and Boil system worked flawlessly. By following the simple instructions included, I hit all my marks (OG, FG, predicted efficiency) perfectly. Bottling my first brew on it today. Preliminary taste indicates a great beer. As indicated in the description, the Mash and Boil is shipped directly from the vendor. When I initially received my system, the vendor (not Brew & Grow), apparently shipped out a damaged system that had a large dent in the side. The interior box was damaged, but the exterior box was fine, so it would indicate the product was likely damaged before shipping. Since I was already set up to brew, I just popped most of the dent out with a plunger and used it as it was. Still worked great and I was not worried about it any longer. But after hearing of my concern, Pat an Brew and Grow contacted me. He had already arranged to have a brand new system shipped to me. The next day, a replacement system (the new upgraded model) was delivered to my door. Great job Brew & Grow! Awesome customer service all around. I will definitely be a return customer.


My Mash and Boil unit arrived quickly and already made 2 batches. The device worked great.

Mash & Boil

So far so good. Made a batch of Vienna lager and it was much easier than using a separate mash tun. Very easy to clean up also.