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Quality constructed with heavy-duty galvanized steel, Can Filter activated carbon air purifiers are the ultimate line of defense in the battle against odor control. Can Filters can be mounted vertically or horizontally and come with poly pre-filter to prolong the life of the carbon. Integrated into your exhaust system, all the air that leaves your growing environment it totally and completely scrubbed before exiting. Standard size collars are ideal for use with Can Fan in-line centrifugal fans. Select a fan within the Max/Min airflow range of each filter for professional temperature, humidity, and odor control.

Depending on the temperature of your intake air and the number of heat producing H.I.D. lights in the room, the entire volume of air in the grow space will ideally be exchanged between one and five minutes. Calculate the fan size needed based on total cubic footage of your room and how fast you need the room to fully exchange air and choose filter size based on amount of exhaust needed.

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