Italian Red 4244

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Previously named Chianti 4244

Styles: Cyser (Apple Melomel), New England Cider, Fruit Cider, Apple Wine, Barbera, Carmenere, De Chaunac, Dolcetto, Malbec, Montepulciano, Neggiolo (Barolo, Barbaresco), Petit Verdot, Sangiovese/Brunello, Tempranillo, Valdepenas, Chianti, Rioja, Super-Tuscans, Valpolicella, Vino Da Tavola, Lambrusco, Recioto, Vin Santo
Profile: Rich, very big and bold, well rounded profile. Nice soft fruit character with dry crisp finish. Excellent choice for most Italian grape varieties.
Alcohol tolerance: 14% ABVFlocculation: low-medium
Residual sugar: 0-0.75
Temperature range: 55-75°F (13-24°C)

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