Brew and Grow's Clone Bucket 8 Plus

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1 - 5 Gallon Black Bucket

1 - Bucket Lid w/ 8 - 2" holes

1 - Eco 185 Water Pump

1 - 4" Air Stone

1 - Eco Air 1 Plus Air Pump

1 - Clear Air Tubing

1 - White Plastic Riser w/ Sprayer Head

8 - 2" Neoprene Pucks w/ Collar

1 - POWER CLONE 120 ml

1 - CLEAR REZ 4 oz


We specifically designed this system to simplify the plant cloning process and eliminate the need for daily maintenance. It has also been upgraded to include an air stone and air pump. This will dramatically help in cloning the more "woody" stemmed plants such as roses which require much more time. Increasing the oxygen level in the water will decrease the cloning time of all plants. There are a few things things to keep in mind when using a hydroponic style cloning method. You will find keeping the system in a room with a temperature around 68 degrees works much better than the traditional 80 degrees. We have found this to be very important. There is no need for the traditional plastic dome either. Sanitation is critical. A thorough cleaning before each use is essential. Please be aware that there are many brands of cloning products that can be used and most work fine. We use POWER CLONE and CLEAR REZ and found them to be very consistent. We use less than the suggested amount than what is on the label and still get 100% survival rates. The CLONE BUCKET 8 PLUS will work with other products, but these are the ones we have used with success.


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