Brewers Best Cranberry Flavoring

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Brewers Best Cranberry Flavoring.  We are proud to carry the finest flavor & aroma enhancers on the market. Fruit Flavorings are best added as late in the process as possible to help preserve as much fruit flavor as possible. If you bottle your beer, the flavorings are best added at the same time as priming (use 4 oz per 5 gal.). When you add your priming solution, add the flavor at the same time and stir well but gently to minimize the amount of oxygen in your beer. Combining the two stirring steps (priming and fruit flavor) makes the process easier. Do not add it to a heated priming solution if using that method, just to the cool wort before bottling. If you keg your beer, add any time up to serving, again stirring gently. You can also add it directly to the glass, but getting the amount right will take some experimentation. If using that method it's best to add the flavor fIrst, then put the beer in the glass which mixes the flavor. Give it a few minutes to mix with the beer.

If using for wine add to ''bottle ready'' wine one week or so before planned bottling, stir gently and let the wine sit for 7 days before actually bottling. Add to taste.

4 oz bottle.