Dusseldorf Altbier Extract Kit with Specialty Grains

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Extract with Specialty Grains Homebrew Kit

This is a classic example of a German Altbier. Made famous in the German city of Dusseldorf, Altbier has a deep copper color and a very smooth and rich malt, caramel character made possible by the liberal use of German Malts. The malt is balanced by a very firm bitterness from the Magnum and Tettnang hops. As German Ales go this is one of the more hoppy styles.

Ingredients included in this kit (Please note: only use the amount recipe calls for as some ingredients may have extra):

1 lb Aromatic Malt

8 oz CaraMunich III

3 oz Carafa II

6 lb Pilsner LME

1 lb Amber DME

1 oz Magnum (Bittering)

1 oz Tettnang (Flavoring) 

2 large muslin bags

Recommended Yeast (NOT INCLUDED IN KIT)

Wyeast 1007 German Ale

Safale US-05 Dry Yeast

Printable Instructions

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Great taste

Just an excellent bier. Great flavors, rich and smooth like it states without it being bitter, almost sweet aftertaste. Fermenting a second batch right now and can't wait to keg it and enjoy it.