FastFerment 7 Gallon Conical Fermenter

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This revolutionary product used for fermentation of beer and wine will change everything you know about primary and secondary fermentation. Some key features that make this conical style fermenter so convenient are:

  • No racking is needed. Primary and secondary fermentation takes place in the FastFerment™; eliminating concerns of oxidation and contamination.
  • An integrated thermowell and FastFerment™ thermometer* allow you to monitor your fermentation temperature with just a quick glance.
  • Additional collection balls* make it easier to harvest your own yeast for repeated batch results.
  • Attachable 1/2" hose barb fitting allows for bottling right from the FastFerment™.
  • The 6" opening at top allows for easy cleaning.
  • The FastFerment™ cuts down on storage. No more storing multiple fermentation vessels.
  • FastFerment™ is easily mounted on any wall in your house with just a few screws (hardware included) and a moment of your time. 

*sold separately


Conical Fermenter Body, Collection Ball, Wall Mounts, 1" Union Valve, 6" Screw Top for Conical Fermenter, 3-piece Airlock, Rubber Grommet, Hose Barb, Roll of Teak Tape, Hose, Thermowell, 6" Gasket (inside screw top), 4 Wall Mount Bolts, 4 Wall Mount Washers, Hose Clamp, 4 Union Valve Fitting for Collection Ball (2 are connected to valve), and a 4-page setup brochure.