Forgotten Belgian Farmhouse AleExtract Kit with Specialty Grains

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The Belgian Farmhouse Ale is smooth and mellow with light grassy hops and hints of sweet lemon, heather, orange, and flora aromas. Historically saisons/farmhouses did not share its definable characteristics to pin them down as a style, but rather were a group of refreshing summer ales made by farmers. Makes 5 gallons, or approximately 48 bottles of beer.

Kit includes:

  • Malt Base: 6 lb Pilsener Liquid Malt Extract, 1 lb Wheat Dried Malt Extract
  • Speciality Grains: 8 oz Vienna
  • Hops: 1 oz Northern Brewer (Bittering), .5 oz US Golding (Flavoring)
  • Adjuncts: 1 lb Cane Sugar, 1 oz Heather Tips, .5 oz Sweet Orange Peel
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