Galaxy® Grow Amp® Electronic Ballast - 1000 Watt - 600/750/1000/Turbo Charge - 120/240 Volt

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The Galaxy® Grow Amp® 1000 Watt ballast can operate a 1000 watt lamp at 600 watts, 750 watts, 1000 watts & Turbo Charge. This ballast operates 600, 750 and 1000 HPS/MH lamps. Set the desired wattage on the Select-A-Watt® dial & install the correct lamp. Galaxy® Grow Amp® ballasts come pre-wired with a Sun System® lamp cord receptacle. They are compatible with all Sun System® branded reflectors. Includes a 6 foot 120 volt power cord. 240 volt power cord may be purchased separately.

This ballast is soft starting, lightweight, has extruded aluminum housing, is fan cooled for superior thermal management, and is very quiet with limited vibration. Voltage: 120 or 240.