Inline 66 with Built-In Flange

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When used in conjunction with the appropriate inline fan, the Can Filter 66 Inline successfully eliminates odors via activated carbon for up to 18 months. Can Filter 66 is recommended with the CMF 620 fan. Can-Filters set the standard in the marketplace. You can feel confident that you are getting the best quality of in-line exhaust fan filter for your grow room or greenhouse. Can-Filters can handle the tough odors of organic fertilizers used in greenhouses or indoor gardening. Can-Filters uses a custom specified Virgin Activated Coal Based Carbon (CKV4) to insure longest possible performance. A single Can-Filter will successfully eliminates odors for up to 18 months. It comes with pre-filter and manufacturer-recommended flange. For general use, they are ideal for tackling the problem of allergies in a living area that are due to pollen. Effective treatment requires the exchange of air in the growing or living area in a period of 5 minutes. Use the total cubic feet to be filtered and divide this number by 5 to determine the proper filter size needed.

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