Lucky Irish Stout All Grain Kit

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OG - 1.050-1.055    FG - 1.010-1.014     IBU's - 32    ABV - 5.4%

We highly recommend purchasing dry yeast during the warmer months. While we offer a complimentary ice pack with all liquid yeast orders, the combination of warmer temperatures and shipping times makes it difficult for your liquid yeast to remain chilled.

This Lucky Stout pours as dark as a leprechaun's shoes, with the extra dark candy sugar pulling this beer even deeper into darkness. The Roasted malt makes a rich roasted and caramel clash flavor that dances on your palate like you just found a four leaf clover! We threw in Chocolate malt to have you tasting just a wee bit of coffee and little hint of chocolate that hides in the back. The hops come in like a hazy rainbow, just barely there. The body is as heavy as a pot o' gold and the head is a beautiful dark tan. Feeling Lucky? Give this Lucky Irish Stout a try today!  Makes 5 gallons, or approximately 48 bottles of beer.

Kit includes:

  • 7.5 lb Maris Otter
  • 12 oz Roasted Barley
  • 2 oz Chocolate Malt
  • 1 lb D-180 Candi Syrup
  • 1 oz Perle

Recommended Yeast

  • Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale
  • Safale US-05 Dry Yeast

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