Mr. Awesome Imperial India Pale Ale with Honey ALL GRAIN

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We highly recommend purchasing dry yeast during the warmer months. While we offer a complimentary ice pack with all liquid yeast orders, the combination of warmer temperatures and shipping times makes it difficult for your liquid yeast to remain chilled.

Mr. Awesome is a special beer designed for a very special brewer. It is only available for a limited time so you will want to hurry. 

Prepare yourself, "Super Dad," for this super awesome beer! We'll start off with a golden orange hue and a white frothy head. A powerful blend of hops combined with the force of the malt soars across your palate. Surprisingly balanced for a 13% abv beer. A big beer for a Super Dad. You deserve Awesome, that's Mr. Awesome to you.

Kit Includes

  •  10 lbs Maris Otter
  • 2 lb Munich
  • 1 lb Aromatic
  • 8 oz Carapils
  • 5 lbs Honey
  • 1 oz Amarillo (Bittering)
  • 1 oz Centennial (Bittering)
  • 1 oz Centennial (Flavoring)
  • 1 oz Cascade (Flavoring)
  • 1 oz Simcoe (Flavoring)
  • 1 oz Hallertau (Aromal)
  • 1 oz Cascade (Aroma)

Recommended Yeast - 2 pkgs Safale US-05

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