Otto's Best Oktoberfest Lager

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In the year 1810, the city of Munich celebrated the Crown Prince’s wedding with a special beer that kicked off a 16-day party. Oktoberfest was born! Otto’s Best combines a nice German back bone of malts, with a soft note of caramel, hops, and the color of rich autumn leaves, all adding up to a Lager as crisp as the Oktober air. Makes 5 gallons, or approximately 48 bottles of beer.

Kit includes:

  • Malt Base: 6 lbs. Northwestern's Liquid Amber Malt Extract
  • Speciality Grains: 6 oz. Caramel, 8 oz. Victory & 2 oz. Chocolate
  • Hops: 1 oz. Northern Brewer (bittering) & .5 oz. Hallertau (aroma)

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