Polar 10 gal Mash/Lauter

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Converted 10 Gallon igloo cooler mash tun with Stainless Steel false bottom and stainless tube to ball valve. The converted igloo makes all grain brewing a breeze. FEATURES: Large grip handles OSHA "Drinking Water" imprint Ultratherm foam insulation UV Resistant Plastics Handles HOT and cold beverages FDA grade inner liner Recessed drip proof spigot Cup dispenser bracket (no dispenser) Full 5-Year Factory Igloo Warranty: Igloo products and all their parts are warranted by Igloo to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for 5 full years from the date of purchase. COLOR WILL BE ORANGE For Time Being Why the Orange? Igloo was out of stock on the 400 Series Yellow Coolers. They did have a run of 400 Series Orange in the SAME quality as the yellow industrial cooler with one exception. Igloo explains it best: The orange coolers do not have the extra UV protection materials that are in the yellow ones as that is an additive we add to the colorant on the 400 Series (yellow coolers), but that is the only difference. They are getting a cooler with significantly greater insulation, durability ( as the orange are the same as the 400 Series in that regard) than the Rubbermaid/Gott coolers at a price that is very competitive with that of Rubbermaid’s lower quality cooler.

The quality Igloo cooler included is MADE IN THE USA in Houston, Texas!