Sun Pulse 600 Watt Pulse Start 4K

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Sun Pulse Pulse Start Metal Halide Grow lamps were created by the GAS Technologies group of photo-biologists, plant scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, gas chemists, and HID lamp designers. They are designed with true solar symmetry for true photochemical reactions in living organisms, greater molecular efficiency in operations, and better color rendering. Sun Pulse lamps are made with the highest quality and quality control.

  • Available in Kelvin ratings of 3k, 4k, 6.4k, & 10k
  • Designed to work with certified electronic and digital electronic ballasts including Phantom and Lumatek
  • Even lamp life approx (20,000 hrs) with little color shift or loss of FT-CD output
  • Sun Pulse lamps are also available for 600W magnetic ballasts in the various colors!

For recommended plant spectrum click HERE.