Tarantula 130 Gram

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Advanced Nutrients' Tarantula Beneficial Bacteria is a pioneering product that contains the highest concentration of beneficial microorganisms of any plant-growth product we know of. Why do you need beneficial microogranisms? Because the best soil in nature, the kind of soil that plants are rarely grown in by today's indoor growers, contains a rich blend of microorganisms such as Bacillus, Streptomycetes, Actinomycetes and Psuedomonas. These tiny organisms help soil and other grow media to be a very favorable environment for plant roots. And when plants are in an environment that favors their roots, they grow faster and uptake their nutrients more efficiently. This means that they can better handle stress and better produce bigger flowers and fruit. In addition, Tarantula fosters microbial action that releases "cytokinins," which aid in producing more extensive lateral branching, more flowering sites, and flowers with greater grith and weight. Because Dr. Hornby believes in healthy plants and healthy grow mediums, he set out to restore nature's balance to the mediums that growers use, spending three years peering into the world of microogranisms. Sometimes he found himself almost permanently squinting at the little microbes as they colonized root zones and created symbiotic relationships that greatly pleased plant roots. During extensive field testing under the most rigorous conditions, Dr. Hornby found that his special Tarantula formula, which contains 57 different types of microorgansms and 1.4 billion "colony-forming units" per gram, fostered exceptional growth in vegetative and flowering phases. Root mass increased by the application of Tarantula, and it was increased even more when Tarantula was used in conjunction with another revolutionary Advanced Nutrients' product, Piranha Beneficial Fungi. Indeed, one field test showed that, compared to Piranha's being used by itself, growth and root mass increased 25% more when Piranha and Tarantula were used together. The positive effects of Dr. Hornby's Tarantula and beneficial microogranisms cannot be overstated. The product creates a healthy root zone that gives plants greater ability to uptake nutrients and to be strong and stress-resistant, all the way down to the cellular level. If you want to restore a natural balance to your garden that will increase yield, vigor and flavor, be sure to use Dr. Hornby's Tarantula Beneficial Bacteria!