The Equalizer Hot Spot Diffuser HPS 600/400

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Simply slide this unique product over a mogul base socket on most horizontal burning reflectors to filter and disperse the intense "hot spot Inch of light directly under an HID lamp. With the hot spot diffused, you can hang reflectors closer to the plant canopy while reducing the risk of burning the plants directly under the lamp. The revolutionary shape, size and hole patterns were designed using the latest lighting development software. The Equalizer will aid in improving the uniformity of your fixture by reducing the hot spot below the lamp. Made of 95% reflective European aluminum. US Patent No.: D583092Fixtures that will accept the Equalizer: Cool Sun, Cool Sun XL, Super Sun 2, Yield Master 6 Inch, Great White, Magnum XXXL 6 Inch, Magnum XXXL 8 Inch, Large Convertible, Yield Master 4 Inch, 8" & 10", Agrotech, Agrotech - Magnum, Vertizontal, Silver Sun, Econowing, and Blockbuster 6" and 8".