Triple Scale Hydrometer With Testing Tube

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A glass hydrometer is the most efficient way to determine the sugar or potential alcohol content of beer or wine. A hydrometer works by measuring the amount of dissolved solids in a liquid before and after fermentation to determine how much sugar is converted to alcohol.

This particular hydrometer is a triple-scale hydrometer that displays sugar content in the 3 most common ways. The first is the specific gravity scale of .990 - 1.170 which measures sugar solutions as compared to the density of water. This scale is most commonly used by brewers. The second scale is the Balling Scale (also known as Brix) which measures sugar as a percentage of total weight ranging from 0 to 38%. This is most commonly used by wine makers. The third scale reflects the potential alcohol that can be produced based on the sugar content of the liquid which ranges from 0 to 22%. This scale is applicable to both beer and wine making. As a result, this hydrometer is versatile enough to measure any beer, wine or cider that is up to 22% potential alcohol.