Wine Expert Kit California Moscato

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Wine Expert Kit California Moscato

This Wine Expert Wine Kit is about the Moscato grape. Moscato is one of the top-selling white wines in North America and is projected to remain one of the top three wine trends through 2013. Winexpert profiled this wine after Barefoot Cellars Moscato - the top-selling Moscato in the U.S. In blind tasting at Winexpert and at Andrew Peller Limited, not only did Wold Vineyard California Moscato score exceptionally well, but it received the exact same scores as the Barefoot Moscato.

Contains 10 liters of concentrated varietal juice, yeast and all necessary additives. Yields about 6 gallons (or 30 750 ml bottles), and ready to bottle in 4 weeks.

Alc: 8.5%

Sweetness: Sweet

Body: Light

Oak Intensity: None

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