Wine Expert Kit German Müller-Thurgau

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Wine Expert Kit German Müller-Thurgau

This Wine Expert Wine Kit is Müller-Thurgau (Moo-lehr Tirr-gow) Delicious flavors of apricot, green apple and peach with aromas of Riesling, and the early ripening qualities of Silvaner. A great sipping wine, it's a perfect choice for potato chips (there's nothing like a crisp glass of Müller-Thurgau and some crunchy chips!) but mostly it's a very satisfying wine to quench a thirst in good company.

Contains 10 liters of concentrated varietal juice, yeast and all necessary additives. Yields about 6 gallons (or 30 750 ml bottles), and ready to bottle in 4 weeks.

Sweetness: Off-Dry

Body: Medium

Oak Intensity: None

Wine Expert Wine Kits are recognized as the finest home winemaking kits available.